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“I have talked and worked with counselors in my personal & professional life for the past thirty years. What Warren brings to the table is not two dimensional, but rather a full spectrum […]

For the past five months my gains in my personal life as well as my career have been immeasurable. At one point Warren wanted to know how I felt our sessions where going, I took a moment to reflect and was incredibly satisfied to let Warren know that for the first time, I felt that I had been given the tools to help myself[…]. With much appreciation & gratitude.”

Ben E.
Registered Nurse, Viroqua, WI

“Since working with Warren, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my ability to communicate with my partner. It feels like she’s hearing me for the first time. I feel more connected to her than I have in years…like there’s the finally the possibility for something greater. We just had a weekend where everything felt ok. No arguments for no reason. No passive aggressiveness. Things just worked.

We have Warren to thank for that. He is one of the most insightful human beings that I know and I’m happy to call him my coach and my friend.”

Rob W.
Marketing Consultant, Newport Coast, CA

Warren has helped me–over the course of eight months–uncover what is blocking me from my potential not only as a husband, but as a genuine creative human spirit. He has provided me with tools that I can call forth at any moment, even in the middle of an argument, to help guide us back to stable understanding. He has given me a new mentality with how to view my marriage of nearly ten years in a healthier way. Warren has a knack for not only being on-point and keeping you accountable to your progress, but also listening and allowing for softer moments when there is emotion you may need to work through.

It is clear that Warren has studied relationships and the inner workings of the human mind for quite some time. His work with The Relationship School has given him a breadth of skill that he brings to each session. His guidance has helped me evolve into a more understanding partner to my wife, as well as a stronger person to the man in the mirror. Thanks, Warren.

José Gomez
Software Developer, Austin, TX, USA

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Warren McKee

I’ve been helping people transform their relationships for 3 years and counting. I’m a Therapeutic Relationship Coach and a certified RC2, mentored by Jayson Gaddis at the Relationship School®.

I’ll show you how to evaporate conflict like a professional, dial your communication skills to a ten, and create the kind of relationship with your partner that leaves other people speechless and just a little bit jealous.

Anyone can learn what I’m about to teach you… but it takes work. There are no magic pills or “strange tricks” that will chase away relationship woes overnight. You get what you put in. But you aren’t in this, alone.

We’ll work together to find practical solutions that will finally put an end to the most frustrating problems in your relationship and in your life. I’ll use all the tools in my belt (Co-active Coaching method, Internal Family Systems (IFS) / parts work, shamanism, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Imago relationship therapy) to make you a Relationship Master.

I’ve created a “Work Through the Issue” Session to help you get a bead on any relationship, no matter how challenging. If you are single, engaged, or even about to get divorced you will up your game to the next level.

Fair warning: this isn’t for everyone. It might not be for you. I only work with clients that are willing to examine themselves with a critical eye, and when necessary, to let go of their past to make room for their best selves.

In this powerful session you will leave with:

  1. Written positive outcomes for your relationship
  2. A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your relationship right now (they may not be what you think!)
  3. A renewed sense of energy about turning your relationship around (or you’ll know if it’s time to call it quits)
  4. A “next-step” action plan for moving your relationship into the next phase of love, connection, and passion!