Journey of A Love Warrior

Like many stories mine started with its share of problems. I had to spend many years in the dark before I found my way back into the light. After getting back from deployment in Iraq, I was looking forward to coming home to the mother of my two boys. I daydreamed about what it would be like to finally be at peace – to be able to raise my children into men that would make their mark on the world.

But when I finally got home, I brought the war back with me. I found myself struggling just to function in everyday life. Doctors told me I was dealing with PTSD and suicidal clinical depression – and as much as I hated to admit it. They were right.

I felt empty inside; like someone had hollowed me out and stolen away the parts of me that could feel happiness. And as much as I struggled to stay afloat, everyday things got a little worse.

In that dark time, the only thing that kept me going was my family and my sons. But as the demons in my head raged, the only relationships that really mattered to me…began to fall apart. At first it was little disagreements, then passive aggressive fights, then screaming matches in the car.

When the divorce hit, it felt like the floor had fallen away beneath my feet. I took to drinking and drugs to escape the pain and betrayal I felt deep inside. I stopped taking care of myself because I felt that the rest of the world had given up on me. When the smoke cleared and I’d realized what had happened, things were bad. I was the alcoholic homeless vet living out of his car and turning to drugs as an escape. I had tried and failed to kill myself three times. And more than anything, I felt trapped and hopeless.

That’s when I knew things had to change.

Shortly after, I sat in an ayahuasca ceremony and saw my life flash before my eyes. Everything I had ever done, good or bad, like a movie playing with each segments barely being a blink of an eye. I felt connected to everyone and everything.

I started going to therapy, meditating daily, taking ownership of myself and my problems, and began to get sober. I joined the Relationship School. Slowly, my eyes were opened.

I stopped blaming my ex-wife, the war, the “unfairness” of life, and everyone else for my problems. I had only to look in the mirror to see the one person standing in my way.


I started to force myself to get out of the victim seat. I learned how to communicate in a healthy way to have my relationship needs met. I became empowered to changed my life and who I was, as I saw fit.

As soon as I felt the changes taking hold, I knew that if I ever had a purpose in life… this was mine: to teach, coach, mentor, and learn healthy love.

Today, I’m a completely different human being…

I’m dating a woman I love. A woman who helped me break out of the cycle of letting people walk all over me. A woman who looks out for my best interests – who helps me become more of who I want to be, and let go of who I was. Oh…and the sex is passionate, connected, and amazing.

Being around her makes me feel confident and safe enough to take risks where I normally would have held back, I feel free to be completely me.
And when we fight…I have the tools I need to make sure we come back stronger and more connected on the other side.

And that’s what this is all about. Transformation.

I’ve been in the darkest depths. I’ve gone to the abyss and fought my way back. You may not think you have it in you to make your relationship work – but that’s what I’m here for.

I’ve gone from divorced homeless drug addict to empowered entrepreneur. Someone who mentors, coaches, leads, and teaches. Every day I wake up feeling like life is an adventure that I’m excited to be on. Every night I look forward to seeing where the next page leads.

You can be anywhere in your life and your relationships and still turn it around. And I’m going to teach you how.


Warren is a certified Relationship Coach & teacher at The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis. He is a former military police officer in the United States Army National Guard and served in Iraq from 2007-2008 as a sergeant. He has a mild addiction to lo-fi hip hop (he can quit any time he wants) and is borderline obsessed with picking up any litter he sees.

In his free time, Warren facilitates a men’s group in Austin, Texas and volunteers weekly – teaching veterans’ and their spouses the relationship skills and tools they need to keep their marriages happy and healthy. He love to go hiking, be in nature, camping, traveling outdoors. Friends and family suspect that being an Eagle Scout might have something to do with that.

Warren is also a gearhead. When he isn’t coaching, he can be found tinkering on his motorcycle or electric bike or talking with Kami, his fiancee, about motorcycles or electric bikes.

He has coached hundreds of clients on fulfilling on that which is most important to them within their relationships, careers, and personal health.

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