Here’s what to expect:

The Relationship Bootcamp is designed as a hands-on program. You’ll be given the opportunity to practice the relationship tools you learn, both with your partner and others in the program. If you do the work, you will see rapid, significant improvement in your relationship with your partner.

You’ll be asked to be 100% present and participate fully in all sessions.

You will be asked to confront the things you’ve been avoiding. It will be uncomfortable at times. You will want to quit.  However, to participate in this program, you must be willing to set these thoughts aside.

The Relationship Bootcamp program is 6 mini-workshops [120 – 180 min each] over the course of 3 months. During this time, you’ll be coached one-on-one or as a couple and given the opportunity to practice with other participants to hone your communication and conflict skills. As a result of going through this coaching you will:

– Get clear around the your “greatest hits” fight.
– Learn how to communicate and get exactly what you need from your relationship.
– Understand how to stop “relationship burnout”.
– Begin creating the framework for your perfect relationship.
– Understand how to come back from any fight with a *stronger* connection to your partner.
– Learn how to distinguish the root of your conflict and make it disappear.
– Begin to develop mastery of a communication style others will readily accept and enjoy. You’ll dramatically reduce the number of painful negotiations, misunderstandings, and random spats of drama in your life.

In addition to personal coaching, you’ll also receive email support from Warren and unlimited access to Warren over Voxer.

The program is available to accepted applicants for an investment of $2000 and requires a 3 month commitment.

You can get started, below!