Here’s what to expect:

Transform Your Life is a premium coaching package with a mini-workshop, unlimited individual coaching, and unlimited Voxer access. If you remain coachable and fully commit to the work, through this program you *will* see a personal transformation from who you are today, to a fully fledged relationship master.

You’ll be asked to be 100% present and participate fully in all sessions.

That means it will be uncomfortable at times. You will want to quit.  You will be asked to confront the things you’ve been avoiding and talk about the thoughts and emotions you keep hidden from the rest of the world. To participate in this program, you must be willing to set these thoughts aside, or you WILL NOT see results.

Transform Your Life is three mini-workshops [2 hrs each] and 6 intensive one-on-one sessions [55 min each]. You will also be allowed to practice with other participants to hone your communication and conflict skills. As a result of going through this coaching you will:

– Get clear around the your “greatest hits” fight.
– Learn how to communicate and get exactly what you need from your relationship.
– Understand how to stop “relationship burnout”.
– Begin creating the framework for your perfect relationship.
– Understand how to come back from any fight with a *stronger* connection to your partner.
– Learn how to distinguish the root of your conflict and make it disappear.
– Begin to develop mastery of a communication style others will readily accept and enjoy. You’ll dramatically reduce the number of painful negotiations, misunderstandings, and random spats of drama in your life.
– Understand how to recover from *any* relationship SNAFU, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable. Including cheating or divorce.

By the end of this program, you will have all the tools you need to be an unstoppable, desirable, and fully resourced foundation for all your relationships. Not just your romantic partnership.

In addition to personal coaching, you’ll also receive email support and the ability to get direct support from Warren over Voxer.

Applications are currently available and if accepted, this program has an investment of $5000 per 3-month commitment

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